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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Book of Mormon: North American Tour

Tonight I saw The Book of Mormon in Toronto by paying a $25 rush seat. Out of well over one hundred people tried for the lottery and I was one of the few who was chosen (random luck)! Yay me! The seat was in the balcony and off to the side, so part of the stage was difficult to see and my neck and back are sore, but it was worth that tiny bit of discomfort to watch a fun musical.

Mormon tells the tale of two missionaries who head off to Uganda to preach the words of Joseph Smith (the prophet who created mormonism). Things don't go according to the great Mormon plan.

The Book of Mormon is good. Funny and very earnest. It's definitely not as raunchy as South Park or Avenue Q (both of which I like better). The choreography wasn't that great, but the performers were very good and the songs were fun. Sometimes I couldn't understand what was being sung though, so not sure if it was a vocal thing or amplification thing. Overall, an enjoyable show that really shouldn't shock anyone. If someone is shocked by it then that person is clearly living in a sheltered bubble.

Three magical pairs of underpants out of five!

(Sorry for my constant verb tense change up. I am tired and sore)

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