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Welcome to the loneliest blog on the web. I have no words of wisdom to espouse. (why does espouse sound so much like spouse? Is that word trying to rub it into my spinster brain?) Anyway, I don't own a cat. Never will. I don't cook, nor do I sew or knit, but I do spin a yarn (tale) from time to time. I have no domestic talents, I am not a domestic engineer/goddess, nor do I want to be. I'll sometimes post my views on scripts, (mine & yours or theirs) movies, television shows and maybe theatre, along with my own musings usually in the style of a poem. So pull up a rocking chair, sit back as your cherry pie bakes and stay a while if you like.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

ICELAND at Factory Theatre

Three interconnected monologues by three completely different characters who have nothing in common other than a condo. It's the kind of play that made me wish I wrote theatre more often (or ever lately). It's the kind of theatre experience that inspires. I left the theatre gutted as envy coursed through my body whispering in my ear, "If only you could write that well."

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