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Friday, January 25, 2013

My fave book and least fave book of 2012

A short list this year even though I read more than I reviewed, and I'm late in posting (Flumageddon took a hold of me this winter and wouldn't let go!)

My favourite book of last year was The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson. Simply lovely and lyrical. Read it.

My least favourite book was Partials by Dan Wells. It's dystopian (my current favourite genre) and it didn't grab me. I haven't bothered writing a proper review because I was bored with the whole thing. It took me three months to get through it and the final 15 pages took me a few weeks to even think about finishing. If a reader doesn't really care to get to the end then a book is in trouble. The biggest fault of this book is that it wasn't edited well. It is way too long and repetitive, and was in desperate need of an editor with a chain saw.

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