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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fall Movie Round Up

This is late in posting as I've been busy traveling, writing and working to pay the bills. So before I can do my Top Ten I have to get the reviews out of the way.


Great Film. One of the better time travel movies. Joseph Gordon Levitt does a good job as a young Bruce Willis. It's now on DVD so go and rent it.

Grade: A


A dark and brooding James Bond who takes on the bad guys pretty much on his own. I prefer Casino Royale to this one, but Skyfall is still a great time at the cinema. The ending is predictable but well done.

Grade: B+


A useless sequel. It's pretty much the same movie as the first Taken. Is Liam Neeson doing every script that comes across his desk?

Grade: C-


DEEEEEEEEElightful! I, too, am bulletproof.



I have no idea what to say about this one. I liked it, but I can't describe it or explain it. It felt like a series of short films strewn together. Some of the story lines I liked better than others. The gay story set in the 30's was my favourite and packs an emotional punch. I hated the futuristic one because Tom Hanks spoke like Jodie Foster in Nell!

Grade: B


A great film. Compelling and realistic. Even though I knew the outcome, the tension throughout was tight and I emotionally connected to all the characters. Ben Affleck is proving to be a very good director.

Grade: A-


Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence play star-crossed lovers of sorts in this film is about mental illness and families. The script isn't anything out of the ordinary special, but it works for what it is. The characters are the most important element of this story. The actors, along with Robert DeNiro, really elevate the material. Even the predictable ending (with a dance competition) works because we believe the characters. Solid film.

Grade: B+


This film is sweet and funny. There is no violence. No fart jokes. No crass humor. It's a simple story about a mother and her son going on a road trip. Is it great? No. Could it be better? Yes. But I enjoyed it for what it was. Barbra Streisand was great and she looks awesome! If you want a happy time at the movies that doesn't offend then go see this one.

Grade: B


I love the world of Middle Earth and I'm glad to revisit it again. I saw the film in 2D. Although I enjoyed going back to Middle Earth it didn't feel new. It felt very much, "been there, done that." I don't know how this book can be stretched to three films and I really hope the next one isn't made up of filler that drags Bilbo down.


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