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Welcome to the loneliest blog on the web. I have no words of wisdom to espouse. (why does espouse sound so much like spouse? Is that word trying to rub it into my spinster brain?) Anyway, I don't own a cat. Never will. I don't cook, nor do I sew or knit, but I do spin a yarn (tale) from time to time. I have no domestic talents, I am not a domestic engineer/goddess, nor do I want to be. I'll sometimes post my views on scripts, (mine & yours or theirs) movies, television shows and maybe theatre, along with my own musings usually in the style of a poem. So pull up a rocking chair, sit back as your cherry pie bakes and stay a while if you like.

Friday, October 18, 2013


I find that I can't write blog posts, and do reviews if I want to be able to read wonderful books, and keep going with my own writing. My brain capacity is not as sharp and eager as it once was. I think the wear and tear of life has taken its toll, and I only have enough energy for certain things, which include spending time with the munchkins in my life, and eating cake. Lots and lots of cake.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Book of Mormon: North American Tour

Tonight I saw The Book of Mormon in Toronto by paying a $25 rush seat. Out of well over one hundred people tried for the lottery and I was one of the few who was chosen (random luck)! Yay me! The seat was in the balcony and off to the side, so part of the stage was difficult to see and my neck and back are sore, but it was worth that tiny bit of discomfort to watch a fun musical.

Mormon tells the tale of two missionaries who head off to Uganda to preach the words of Joseph Smith (the prophet who created mormonism). Things don't go according to the great Mormon plan.

The Book of Mormon is good. Funny and very earnest. It's definitely not as raunchy as South Park or Avenue Q (both of which I like better). The choreography wasn't that great, but the performers were very good and the songs were fun. Sometimes I couldn't understand what was being sung though, so not sure if it was a vocal thing or amplification thing. Overall, an enjoyable show that really shouldn't shock anyone. If someone is shocked by it then that person is clearly living in a sheltered bubble.

Three magical pairs of underpants out of five!

(Sorry for my constant verb tense change up. I am tired and sore)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On Hiatus from blogging, but not from reading and writing

Two months have flown by since I've written anything here. I decided to break from the net to live a little, so I'm doing homework, reading textbooks, reuniting with grammar and syntax and editing my YA novel (lots of plotting to reconfigure). But I haven't stopped reading for fun. Historical fiction was read (The Painted Girls and The Last Runaway), children books like Jillian Jiggs, Bones Never Lie and Eye of the Crow, and, of course, my obsession with dystopian continues, finished off trilogies like Shades of Earth, Matched, and Bumped, and just finished Prodigy.

I've been to the cinema to catch Iron Man 3 (Tony Stark and Pepper have no chemistry) The Great Gatsby (I still HATE 3D) and Star Trek (Scotty steals the movie)! A lot more to see this summer. Looking forward to Pacific Rim, Superman, anything by Pixar and the movie I am itching to see the most is Before Midnight (I pretend I'm Celine in search of Jesse on the streets of Toronto, but don't tell my boyfriend that).

In the immortal words of the Terminator, "I'll be back."

Thursday, March 14, 2013

ICELAND at Factory Theatre

Three interconnected monologues by three completely different characters who have nothing in common other than a condo. It's the kind of play that made me wish I wrote theatre more often (or ever lately). It's the kind of theatre experience that inspires. I left the theatre gutted as envy coursed through my body whispering in my ear, "If only you could write that well."

Friday, January 25, 2013

My fave book and least fave book of 2012

A short list this year even though I read more than I reviewed, and I'm late in posting (Flumageddon took a hold of me this winter and wouldn't let go!)

My favourite book of last year was The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson. Simply lovely and lyrical. Read it.

My least favourite book was Partials by Dan Wells. It's dystopian (my current favourite genre) and it didn't grab me. I haven't bothered writing a proper review because I was bored with the whole thing. It took me three months to get through it and the final 15 pages took me a few weeks to even think about finishing. If a reader doesn't really care to get to the end then a book is in trouble. The biggest fault of this book is that it wasn't edited well. It is way too long and repetitive, and was in desperate need of an editor with a chain saw.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fall Movie Round Up

This is late in posting as I've been busy traveling, writing and working to pay the bills. So before I can do my Top Ten I have to get the reviews out of the way.


Great Film. One of the better time travel movies. Joseph Gordon Levitt does a good job as a young Bruce Willis. It's now on DVD so go and rent it.

Grade: A


A dark and brooding James Bond who takes on the bad guys pretty much on his own. I prefer Casino Royale to this one, but Skyfall is still a great time at the cinema. The ending is predictable but well done.

Grade: B+


A useless sequel. It's pretty much the same movie as the first Taken. Is Liam Neeson doing every script that comes across his desk?

Grade: C-


DEEEEEEEEElightful! I, too, am bulletproof.



I have no idea what to say about this one. I liked it, but I can't describe it or explain it. It felt like a series of short films strewn together. Some of the story lines I liked better than others. The gay story set in the 30's was my favourite and packs an emotional punch. I hated the futuristic one because Tom Hanks spoke like Jodie Foster in Nell!

Grade: B


A great film. Compelling and realistic. Even though I knew the outcome, the tension throughout was tight and I emotionally connected to all the characters. Ben Affleck is proving to be a very good director.

Grade: A-


Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence play star-crossed lovers of sorts in this film is about mental illness and families. The script isn't anything out of the ordinary special, but it works for what it is. The characters are the most important element of this story. The actors, along with Robert DeNiro, really elevate the material. Even the predictable ending (with a dance competition) works because we believe the characters. Solid film.

Grade: B+


This film is sweet and funny. There is no violence. No fart jokes. No crass humor. It's a simple story about a mother and her son going on a road trip. Is it great? No. Could it be better? Yes. But I enjoyed it for what it was. Barbra Streisand was great and she looks awesome! If you want a happy time at the movies that doesn't offend then go see this one.

Grade: B


I love the world of Middle Earth and I'm glad to revisit it again. I saw the film in 2D. Although I enjoyed going back to Middle Earth it didn't feel new. It felt very much, "been there, done that." I don't know how this book can be stretched to three films and I really hope the next one isn't made up of filler that drags Bilbo down.