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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bourne Legacy: Not so much a legacy without the Jason

It's taken me a week to sit down and write this review, and not because the film is bad. It's an okay action film, better than a lot of stuff that's been coming out of Hollywood lately. I just didn't care or remember much of the film once the film was over. So what did I take away from The Bourne Legacy? Ultimately, the title is all wrong. It sets you up for something that just doesn't quite come together, and the biggest problem is that Jason Bourne isn't in it.

Jeremy Renner (doing a good job with the script he was given) plays Aaron Cross (who thinks up these generic and silly Harlequin names?) and he's part of Operation Outcome, another one of those dark and secretive government programs. The film takes place in the past (just after the last Bourne movie ended) and Aaron is making his way across the wilderness, but what he doesn't know is that he, along with anyone involved in the program, have been deemed a liability and the government is getting rid of them. Cross survives the attempt on his life and makes his way toward Dr. Marta Shearing (the talented and classic beauty Rachel Weisz) who helped monitor the people in the program. She, too, survives more than one assassination attempt. The second one she is saved by Cross who quite literally comes out of nowhere, which is a good action sequence, but I kept thinking how did Cross get here? And how did he know to come there? And WTF?

Anyway that's about as much as I care to remember as the plot is convoluted and at times, silly, and well, kind of boring. It has a definite "been there, done that" vibe to it. It doesn't quite flow and is episodic in its limited scope. I liked the performances, but when I found out what Cross's secret was I felt a bit let down and didn't see this character as a leading man anymore. I couldn't help feeling that this movie is not a Bourne movie. Maybe if they called it something else then expectations wouldn't be there.

You definitely have to see the first Bourne movies in order to watch this one. This one piggybacks so much on those other films that if you're new to the series then you'll be lost. But even if you've seen those movies if it's been a while then it might be confusing. I haven't watched a Bourne movie in years and I felt a bit lost.


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