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Sunday, July 8, 2012

BRAVE: Finally a Princess who doesn't need or want or love a Prince

I've been waiting for a princess story where marrying or loving a prince isn't the key component, and it's been a long wait. Merida is a Scottish princess who hates having to do girlie things. She wants to ride her horse and shoot her arrow. She wants to forge her own fate/destiny/story, but her mother, Elinor, has other plans for her daughter.

Merida is to be married off to one of three sons of the local clansmen, and all three are buffoons in some way. Merida hates the idea of being married off (as she should since she's still a teenager!) so she seeks out the help of a witch who gives her a magical pastry to give to her mother because all Merida wants is for her mother to change. But like all good spells, something goes wrong.

I didn't know plot points when going into this film and I will not reveal them now. It was a bit surprising where the story went, but I believed it and went with it. But the part I liked most about this story was that it wasn't about romantic love. It was about unconditional LOVE, the kind a mother gives a child. This is a film about mothers and daughters. The ups and downs. The give and take. The good and bad. The happy and sad. It's heartwarming and sweet. Is it the best Pixar film ever made? No. But it's a good story.

The film has funny moments and the voice acting was excellent. I do so love my Emma Thompson! But the film is also quite violent and I think young kids will freak out. I had thought of taking my nieces who are 4 and 5, but knowing what I know now I think they would have been too frightened and we would have had to leave the cinema. If you have younger girls then I suggest maybe reading the book first and slowly revealing the story to them and then showing them the movie on DVD so you can take breaks just in case it becomes too intense for them.



  1. Probably one of Pixar’s best-looking flicks, but not their best film at all. Has a great set-up, but then loses itself about half-way through and just got a little too kiddish for me. Then again, maybe some parents will like that and so will the kids, so who am I to judge? Good review.

  2. The best "people" pixar film for me was UP. I am just so happy that it wasn't about romantic love and that the mother/daughter relationship was dominant. But I agree. It's definitely not their best.