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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Movies: The Dictator or how I'd rather watch Fidel Castro get a rectal exam

A dimwitted ruthless arrogant dictator comes to America. Sounds like a funny premise, right? Well a premise does not make a film. What a disappointment. I can't say I hated it or that I liked it. It was just a waste of time and money.

Sacha Baron Cohen plays Aladeen with such passion and conviction that it's quite a let down when that same passion wasn't put into the actual script. Here's how I think it went down:

Cohen: "This character is so funny that it'll simply play itself out."

Film Crew/Producers/Anyone with a brain:"But maybe we should plot out these scenes to make sure we have a story."

Cohen: "This character will make the scenes funny. Don't worry."

They should have worried. It really felt as though the writing was done by a very lazy person(s) because they really thought Sacha could just stay in character as the dictator and any scene he's in would turn out funny. But milking a woman's breasts, or commenting on hairy armpits or shitting on someone isn't funny. And I have the funny bone of a 12-year-old boy most of the time. All the funny bits felt really forced. Even the few people in the audience were laughing out of pity. I think I laughed a couple of times but only because of a personal relationship to a couple of the jokes that aren't actually funny.

I thought Borat was hysterical and I was hoping The Dictator would be something like that because the premise really is funny. The character had such potential to be funny and memorable. When the funniest moment of the film is the beginning with a dedication to Kim Jong Il you know you're in trouble. And I have to say that Margaret Cho plays a better dictator on 30Rock than Cohen plays on the big screen.

Save your money. Rent Borat instead or watch the funeral for Kim Jong Il. Or if you're looking for a fish out of water story rent Coming to America (when Eddie Murphy used to be funny) Those would be far more worthier of your time.


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