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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book Review: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver YA FICTION

Love is illegal. Feelings cause disease. Get the procedure to be cured or face imprisonment or death. These are the things that Lena must deal with in this dystopian future.

Pandemonium is book two in a trilogy by Lauren Oliver and things are heating up as a strong rebel force is fighting back against those who think love is wrong. I would call it an oppressive regime, which it is, but there isn't just one person or force at play here. It's a collective mentality that is the bad guy.

Lena has escaped the city and has entered the Wilds where she meets up with others like her. Those who don't want the cure. Those who fight for love. I enjoyed the structure of the book as the chapters go back and forth between what happened in the past while she was in the wilds and what's happening now in the present as she's joined the rebellion and has infiltrated NYC now to get close to the DFA leaders. An extreme group who want all uncureds wiped off the face of the earth.

Oliver's writing style is very rich and she has a talent for words. I'm more of a simplistic writer, but I admire those who can embellish a simple act or scene that doesn't bog the reader down.

The story itself is pretty predictable as I figured out the ending very early on. It's a solid ending (a cliffhanger) but I also kind of wanted something different. Something less predictable. Then again I like to analyze plot points and beats and the ending fits well within those confines. And let's face it a love triangle work for a reason. They bring about conflict and drama and pain. Things that are ripe for the picking. I do hope that Lena finds her mother and that this kind of maternal love is explored more so than the romantic kind.

I look forward to the final book as I hope the story gets even darker. And although love is a great thing to fight for I think this story needs to show that love can also turn to hate and chaos if abused.


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