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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Movie Review: The Five-Year Engagement

I love Tuesday night at the movies because tickets are cheaper, and for this Tuesday's night out I chose to see The Five-Year Engagement.

Tom (Jason Segel) and Violet (Emily Blunt) get engaged a year after meeting, but it isn't an easy engagement. They move for Violet's career, putting Tom's on hold. Tom goes through an early mid-life crisis involving hunting and lamb chop sized sideburns, and the temptation to cheat comes to the forefront.

I liked the film because the two leads are delightful and very relatable. They feel like people that I know. People I would want to be friends with. I was rooting for them, but I knew that they needed more obstacles to overcome before they could be together. Getting engaged after only one year is a risky move because regular life hasn't settled in yet and the lovey dovey stage is at the forefront. But Violet and Tom's relationship is about to get real and that's what this movie is about.

There are some laugh out loud moments mixed with genuinely sweet moments. I particular loved the Sesame Street exchange between Violet and her sister Suzie (Alison Brie doing a pretty good British accent).

The Five-Year Engagement is a fun night out, but I'd watch it on a cheap Tuesday with a significant other or some good pals.

7.5 out of 10

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