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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Movie Review: The Raid Redemption

I heard about The Raid back in September when it played at TIFF, but it wasn't on my list of films to see then. So fast forward several months later and it's opened here in the city for the general population. And I, for one, am glad it received distribution. What a hella ride!

A SWAT team becomes trapped in a tenement run by a mobster and his gang of ruthless killers. The movie opens with one cop, Rama, played by Iko Uwais, going about his morning routine, which involves prayer and then jumps to the SWAT team as they gear up to storm the tenement. What they don't know is that they're on their own in this endeavor and that there won't be any kind of backup. And man! Do they ever need backup. They get picked off one by one. Eventually there are only a handful of survivors and now they're trapped inside this building as the gang members search for them to finish them off with their machetes.

We follow Rama as he helps an injured cop to safety. And Rama isn't some regular cop. This guy is schooled in the martial arts and man his fists can fly! When we're not following Rama we get to see Jaka (Joe Taslim) try to find his way out of this mess as well. Jaka is a senior police officer and he's not leaving without any of his men.

This movie is an action packed, fist flying, blood spewing adventure (to say the least). The plot is fairly simple, which is perfect for this kind of film. This film is about the fighting. Having it take place in one location makes the fight sequences pop off the screen. The editing is top notch and every blow is felt and heard. These guys are dancers in a way. The way they choreograph each punch and chop is rhythmic and fast. It's beautiful to watch. There is also some blood with lots of machetes and knives going through jugulars, guts and legs. At times I had to look away, but that doesn't really work as the sound of bones breaking is far worse than actually seeing it.

I really enjoyed this film. It was a lot of fun. The audience was packed with men. Of course! But I have to say that women should go see this with their boyfriends because Joe Taslim is great as Jaka and he is damn hot! He is my new crush and I've already cleared it with the boyfriend that he is now on my list! (Ladies, you know what list I'm talking about)


Note: The film is from Indonesia and has subtitles. But don't be afraid of foreign films. Those tend to be the best ones. And let's just say this film is more about action than dialogue anyway.

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