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Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review: Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty

My love affair with Jessica Darling continues as she finishes up her senior year at Pineville High. And what a year for our protagonist. She gets a boyfriend who now has clear skin! She quits the track team and the school paper, which is her mini rebellion. She hasn't lost any of her sarcastic wit or dry sense of humor as she navigates her way towards adulthood.

Second Helpings, like Sloppy Firsts, is a character driven novel. And when you have a flawed, but likable and relatable protagonist the journey is worth the read.

Jessica has to figure out which college she is going to attend, but despite her forthrightness, she is scared. She's scared of the big city. She's scared of life outside of Pineville. All the colleges she applies to are secluded and isolated, so there's no real danger. That is until she gets the idea from her former crush that NYC is the place to be. But NYC in a post 911 world is an even scarier thought. But deep down, Jessica knows that she's meant to think big.

But before college can happen, Jessica has to get to graduation and prom where the ever annoying and frustrating Marcus Flutie await her. Jessica's love for Marcus is so deeply hidden that she won't or can't admit it to even herself until the last possible moment. Jessica thinks she'll die a virgin, but will she? Then again don't all teenage girls who have fairly good self-esteem and exceed in academics think that?

I can't wait to read Jessica's story as she heads to college. I'm sure it'll be full of angst and inner turmoil and lots of humor. I'm picking up Charmed Thirds today at the library. Why write when I can procrastinate and read this instead?

8 out of 10

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