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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Movie Review: TINTIN CAN CAN

I'll start off by saying that I didn't grow up with Tintin, so I have no preconceived notions about him and his adventures. All I remember is that it was a cartoon about a boy with red hair. I actually thought he was a boy, but apparently he's older than a boy and a reporter. Who knew?!

I saw The Adventures of Tintin in 2D (I hate 3D) and I enjoyed it. It's full of adventure and swashbuckling sword fights with lots of violence and drunkenness! Definitely not for young kids.

Tintin stumbles upon an adventure when he is kidnapped by a man, Sakharine, (Daniel Craig) in search of a clue to a treasure buried deep in the ocean. He escapes, along with Captain Haddock, and ends up in Morocco in pursuit of more clues.

It really is a nonstop animated action adventure. The energy levels are very high and you're along for the ride no matter what. The look of the film is clean and crisp, and looks realistic. The landscapes and sets are lush and full of colour, and pop off the screen. This type of animation still has work to do on the human faces, but it's getting there.

This film feels like it was made by an enthusiastic bunch of filmmakers. I think the cast and crew and director, Stephen Spielberg, try very hard to keep it full of life. They take great care with the details to make sure that the fans of the original are pleased.

It has some laugh out loud moments, mainly due to said drunkenness, and the voice acting is great. I particularly liked Captain Haddock, voiced by Andy Serkis, and his drunken brogue. I also loved the chase scene in Morocco. It was nonstop fun and full of suspense, and it looked fantastic on the big screen.

Also try to get to the cinema on time as the opening title sequence is great and the music that goes along with it sets the tone for the whole film.


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