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Monday, October 31, 2011

Television Shows to Watch (currently on the air)

Walking Dead
Modern Family
Parks and Rec
The Office
Being Erica

I watch more than these (30 Rock isn't airing until the new year), but this is just a sampling of some good television. Revenge is a guilty pleasure with some of the worst voice over narration to ever hit the small screen, but it works! It's a deliciously well thought-out soap opera with more depth than what you find in the daytime.

Ringer is a silly stolen identity story about twins run amuck. But it has Sarah Michelle Geller, who will always have a soft spot in my heart as she is Buffy. She belongs on television, and I'm glad she's back.

Being Erica is one of the best shows on television. It's set in Toronto, and its quirky blending of science fiction, drama and comedy is a hit every week. It doesn't hurt that I sometimes, if not all the time, feel like I'm Erica.

Castle has Nathan Fillion, and if you're a Joss Whedon fan then that's enough.

Grimm just aired, and I think I might love it! It's dark and fantastical, but at its core it's also a detective show.

The Walking Dead is still going strong. Just when I think it's losing steam, or is too boring in parts. Wham! It gets ya when you least expect it.

Parenthood is a wonderfully rich, and well written show about a family. It's dramatic and funny in a very natural way. I got to the show late, as I missed the first season, and almost half of the second season, but I stumbled upon it one night last year and boom! I was hooked.

As for comedy shows it's Parks and Rec, The Office and Community (not to mention, how i met your mother, 2 broke girls, happy endings, up all night etc) as they embody wit and sarcasm, and an overall sense of joy.

So that's my short list. Take it or leave it. But I hope you at least watch one.

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