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Sunday, October 23, 2011

DRIVE: Driven to excellence

I wasn't sure if I wanted to see this film. It was on my radar, but I wasn't entirely convinced, and not because I didn't like the trailer, or the storyline. I actually didn't know much about the film, and I'm glad I wasn't spoiled either. It's an excellent ride to be taken on.

Ryan Gosling
plays a stunt driver and mechanic who gets involved in a robbery that goes horribly wrong, and as he tries to set things right, things spiral out of control, but not in a contrived or predictable manner. The film starts off in a way that you think is one film, but it builds and builds into another kind of film that is darker, and grittier and full of tension and surprising moments that are so realistic that I had to sometimes look away.

I highly recommend this film. It's one of the year's best. I also don't want to reveal anymore of the film as I think not knowing too much about it is its secret to success. It's not about twists and turns. It's a film that is so quiet and visually engrossing that makes it timeless, and every word is perfectly uttered, and each performer (Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, and Ron Perlman) is perfect in their role.

If you don't drive then run to see this film. It deserves a wider audience. I'm off to buy the soundtrack, as the music (instrumental and songs) was sublime, and was its own character.

9 out of 10

Screenplay written by Hossein Amini from the book by James Sallis.

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