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Welcome to the loneliest blog on the web. I have no words of wisdom to espouse. (why does espouse sound so much like spouse? Is that word trying to rub it into my spinster brain?) Anyway, I don't own a cat. Never will. I don't cook, nor do I sew or knit, but I do spin a yarn (tale) from time to time. I have no domestic talents, I am not a domestic engineer/goddess, nor do I want to be. I'll sometimes post my views on scripts, (mine & yours or theirs) movies, television shows and maybe theatre, along with my own musings usually in the style of a poem. So pull up a rocking chair, sit back as your cherry pie bakes and stay a while if you like.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why I don't like Cats

Cats hiss and piss all over the place
If you're not careful they'll scratch your face.
They prance, and prowl with their ass high in the air,
showing off their nuts, and bits, and their hair down there!
Sure, they snuggle and cuddle, and purr,
and sometimes they have soft, silky fur,
but they act like they own everything in the house,
and they'd rather drink milk than run, and catch a mouse.
They're waiting to take over the planet.
They're evil, and I swear they killed Janet!

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