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Friday, August 26, 2011

Her Boyfriend Wrote a book about Her

Hilary Winston's ex wrote a "fiction" book about her, the fat-assed girlfriend was her moniker. So Hilary decided to write a non-fiction book about her ex, and other men she's dated. It's not a revenge tale, just her version of the truth of her love life. Hilary is a sitcom writer so I expected to laugh out loud, but I didn't really find the book that funny. That being said, I think it was well written, and I enjoyed reading it. But if you're expecting gut wrenching laughter like Tina Fey's Bossypants, well then you'll be disappointed. But if you just want to read about a woman's dating woes then this is the right book for you.

In My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About me (and other stories I shouldn't share with acquaintances, coworkers, taxi drivers, assistants, job interviewers, bikini waxers, and ex/current.future boyfriends but have), Hilary shares with us her dating ups and downs, her weight ups and downs, and her one true love, her cat, Emmett. Hilary is a cat person. I am not. In fact, I am the opposite of a cat person. If I ever buy a cat and live alone with one then please just put me out of my misery. Hilary has dated a lot of men, some okay, some meh, some suck, but not many are great. The one who she thought was great ended up writing a book about their relationship (apparently, he was too lazy to use his imagination) and this book forces Hilary to take stock of her love life.

And as she does, we hear about her gay boyfriends, her jerk boyfriends, her peeing cat, and her desire to become a successful writer (which she has done). Overall, I am glad that I've not had Hilary's dating life (too depressing), but I have my own fair share of crappy men in my life (maybe I'll write a book about them one day if I am not too lazy). But one thing I take from this book is that I should definitely date men who can't read or write, so I won't ever be brought to life in a novel as the small breasted girlfriend.

by the way, the title of her ex's novel is The Average American Male: A Novel by Chad Kultgen. I think I'll skip that book, and wait for Hilary to one day write a novel of her own. I'm sure the lead will be an atheist catwoman from outerspace.

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