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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Review: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

Book two (in the trilogy, The Death Cure, comes out in the fall) starts right where the last one ends. Thomas thinks he and his friends are safe after surviving the maze, but he's wrong. So very wrong. There is another trial set before him and this time it's under a maddening hot sun, desert storms, and lightning strikes that fry you to the bone, along with Cranks (crazed out diseased people wanting to eat you). Thomas must make it to the safe haven with his friends in two weeks or they will be dead. He still doesn't quite know what is going on. His memory remains blank with a few dreams popping here and there to give him some kind of hope that all is not lost.

I enjoyed the first book, and this one is good too. But it took me longer to get into it. The mystery surrounding these tests and trials can be tiresome. It's sometimes difficult to root for or care for characters when we don't really know the reasoning behind their story/plot because it could all just be fake anyway, and then where's the payoff with that? I'm sure book three will make it all clear. I'm just worried that the big reveal behind everything that's happened so far will be a let down, or so far fetched that it won't be plausible.

The book is well written and the narrative flows fairly well. The violence is written realistically and some parts are quite gruesome. Skin burning off flesh, and heads eaten by metallic metal glob makes these trials something you never want to experience.

That being said, I will read the final book and fingers crossed that I'll be satisfied by all that came before.

I give it a B.

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