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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Something Borrowed: Needs to borrow a better script.

Why do so many "chick lit" books turn into disastrous movie versions? How does it get so lost in translation? Something Borrowed, the book written by Emily Giffin, is a fairly good, easy read (read it a long time ago, so some parts are fuzzy), and is harmless entertainment. I remember liking the book when I read it. The movie version doesn't do it any favours. This movie is weak. Weak writing. Weak acting. Weak plot. Weak everything. Even the adorable John Krasinski and the eye candy of Colin Egglesfield can't save it.

It says something that a romcom with two female leads can't even get me to mention them in the first paragraph of a review. I like Ginnifer Goodwin, I really do. (loved her on the tv show ED and BIG LOVE) I think she's super sparkly on screen, and she does her best in her fake long brown wig, but it's just too saccharine, even for me. I wanted to punch her character, Rachel, in the face and tell her to get a freaking backbone! And Kate Hudson, sigh, here we go again. She is a one note actor and has been like this for years. I really wish she would stop playing these same characters. Better yet, I wish I stopped watching them (Note to self: Make that happen)

I remember in the book, Darcy (played by Hudson) was a mega self-absorbed bitch. The movie takes away a lot of that and she's way more tolerable, which just makes Rachel, the girl we want to root for, not root for that much. The premise is paper thin, even for romcom standards. Rachel is a spineless nice lawyer who sleeps with her best friend's Fiance on her 30th birthday and she feels guilty the whole way through. But the fiance loves Rachel, always had, and Darcy, the mega bitch, pretty much took him away from Rachel before Rachel even got her shot. Anyway, characters say and do stupid things and then the movie ends in a tight pretty bow! This is not how the book ends. Darcy deserves a bit more of her own comeuppance and Rachel needs to rip her a new one.

The book has a sequel entitled, Something Blue. Let's hope there is no movie sequel, but if there is, I'm sure I'll stumble upon it someday in a deep dark cinema of my nightmares.

The movie is bad, but at least it's not as bad as the horrible Sex and the City 2 that I saw around the same time last year.

Grade: D.


  1. Bummer! I'll probably see it because my mom wants to. Sad to hear it's that disappointing. (I don't expect much from romcoms, but a little surprise now and then would be nice.) Happy to hear it's better than SAC2, because that BIT.