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Saturday, May 14, 2011

BRIDESMAIDS says a big F**K you to Chick Flicks and does it with hilarious results

It's just over twelve hours since I saw the film, and I am still laughing out loud. I loved this film. Loved it! I haven't laughed this hard and for this long at the movies in a long time (probably since 40 year old virgin) and I think I laughed more during Bridesmaids.

The film, written by its star Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, is excellent. The script is top notch. Well paced out. Characters are drawn out, given the time and space to be realistic, which allows us, to empathize with them and to really like them.

Annie, Wiig in a stand out role as a lead actor, is sort of screwing up her life. She's dating a jerk off and on, has a crappy job, (her dream job died when she opened up a bakery and it went belly up during the economic crisis) lives with the creepiest bother/sister roomie duo ever, and just get can't her shit together. The one area of her life that's good is her relationship with her best friend since childhood, Lillian (Maya Rudolph). Well, that's about to change because Lillian is getting married, and Annie is the maid of honor. And everything that can go wrong, does go wrong for Annie and her attempts at organizing things.

Don't let the title of the film fool you. This movie isn't about a wedding. It's about friendships. The wedding is just the catalyst that brings all these women together, and the results are hysterically funny. The dialogue is fresh and crisp and so original. Not once did I hear a writer's voice while the actors spoke. Each character is real.

There are some gross out scenes that are just so embarrassingly uncomfortable to watch and that's where the humor comes from. Watching someone else squirm makes for great comedy. I'm a lady/gal/woman/female, and damn it! I like fart jokes too! I can be classy and eat finger sandwiches with the edges cut off, but I too, like piss and fart and barf jokes if it comes from a natural place. And the physical comedy in this film is definitely natural. What these characters say and do and what happens to them is relatable. I really hope Kristen Wiig becomes a successful leading lady and doesn't wind up choosing Kate Hudson type parts because she's way better than that. And I also hope that Melissa McCarthy breaks through the obvious sexism and fattism that is in Hollywood. If Kevin James can be a leading man then there is no reason whatsoever that Melissa can't be a leading lady as well. Her role as Megan shows just how funny she is.

Some will call this a chick flick, or a romcom, or whatever. But was The Hangover called a dick flick? No. It's an R rated comedy. And this film deserves that honor as well. This is the BEST FILM of the year (so far) and I think will be the funniest.


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