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Saturday, March 19, 2011

RANGO: Well made movie, but on the boring side.

I went to see an animated film on a cheap Tuesday night during March break. Bad idea? Pretty much. (who brings a baby to the cinema?) Anyway, I digress.

Rango is a fairly well made film. I think it has all the elements of plot and character, with an added theme of existentialist angst. Johnny Depp voices the title character and does a good job with it. You can tell that he's having fun with the role. Rango is a domesticated lizard, who fancies himself a thespian, and ends up in the desert. He finds himself in an old/wild west frontier town that is on the brink of devastation as there is no more water. Rango uses his acting skills to create a new identity and eventually becomes the sheriff. He, along with the townsfolk, investigate the disappearance of the water. Isla Fisher (who I had no idea was in this film) does a great job as Beans, a creature I can't quite figure out. She is the first to voice concern about what's going on.

Even thought the elements are there, and well acted, and well animated. I just couldn't help feeling bored. I do enjoy animated films, so it's not the genre. Perhaps, I am not as fond of westerns as I thought I was? I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it was the lack of colour as the desert isn't conducive to a large range of hues that brighten up the screen. And although, it is animated well, I couldn't help feeling that all the characters were just so ugly. The film is also light on the jokes so it's not a laugh out loud kind of film.

If you like westerns, and questions about our existence (who am I?), and animated films then Rango is probably for you.

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