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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Battle LA: War of the Worlds on Military Crack

Aliens have landed, heavily armed and ready for a rumble, but not in a jungle. A similar movie came out last year called Skyline. One of the worst that year. This movie is a definite improvement on that one. But it's not a great movie. But it is enjoyable for what it is. Which is a no holds barred action extravaganza. There's a lot of explosions and bangs, and gun fire and some alien guts. Most of the carnage is kept to a PG minimum.

The story is simple, and doesn't venture far from its simplicity. Meteors land, filled with aliens and their aircrafts, and the military is called to fight, and also rescue civilians who are within a blast zone. A squad is sent out to get them and get out. We get to the know the squad a bit, just enough to kind of see some character, but not enough to care too much. Even though I felt a pull at my heart strings during a civilian death, I knew that I was being manipulated by music, and not by good storytelling, but at that point, I didn't much care.

I did find it to be a tad long, as it felt like explosion after explosion. Is there such a thing as too much action in an action film? But I don't think it tries to be more than it is. This is a war movie from a military perspective, except it's on American soil with aliens as the invaders/colonizers. But I can see why so many reviewers have hated it because from a cinematic perspective, it does come across as just a lot of noise that doesn't much add up to anything. The ending is an ending for a Part One to a bigger and longer story. In fact, there really isn't an ending as the squad accomplishes something and then sets out to keep fighting. As the saying goes, they may have won the battle, but there's still the war.

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