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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Review: Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume

24 female writers tell us what Judy Blume meant to them when they were young girls, unsure of themselves, and navigating the rocky road of puberty, and parents who just don't understand. The collection of short essays is a must read for anyone of a certain age (cough, cough) who grew up reading Blume's books.

Are you there God, it's me Margaret remains with me after all these years, a special place in my heart underneath where I "must, must must increase my bust" line. I also realized that there are some of her books that I never read like Forever and Deenie, and I wonder how that happened. It might have been my interest in Francine Pascal and VC Andrews. I'm off to the library to change that.

I was so in awe of Judy growing up that I read her biography when I was ten. I used that information to write a speech about her, and I read it to the whole class. I think I wanted to be her before I even knew what being like her meant. I have failed on the literary front to be anything near to her. I haven't really tried, but reading these essays reminded me of how much I once did. It's inspiring in a way to be reminded of the girl I once was, the girl with hopes, and dreams, and questions that kept coming, and coming, most of which never got answered.

This book is really a love letter to Ms. Blume. And if you ever read Superfudge, or Blubber, or Otherwise known as Sheila The Great, or Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, and so on, then read some of these essays. You'll be pleasantly delighted.

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