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Thursday, December 30, 2010

LITTLE FOCKERS: Vomit in the face should make me laugh, right?

Why is there a sequel to the sequel of this film 6 years later? I guess with the box office gross over the holidays, it's obvious that people are desperate for the Fockers.

Throughout the film, I kept thinking, I should be laughing, right? This scene or that line of dialogue is supposed to be funny and make me laugh out loud, but I didn't. The film really doesn't explore anything new and relies on penis jokes a lot. Robert DeNiro's character hasn't changed and it's boring to watch him do the same thing here again. The film isn't as phoned in as The Tourist, but it's still a ridiculous waste of money.

The writing isn't fresh. Owen Wilson's character is a caricature now, far removed from any kind of reality. Where have all the smart comedies gone? Comedies for people of a certain age? Don't get me wrong, I love my slapstick and my fart jokes and pratfalls, but I prefer it partnered with wit.

I could mention the plot, but there isn't much of one. The Fockers are planning a birthday party for their twins. Parents come to visit. Jack thinks Focker is having an affair on his daughter with Jessica Alba's character and so on. Chaos ensues. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I do have to say that the thing that stuck with me the most is how out of her element Jessica Alba is. It's obvious that she was only hired for her siren role because she looks good in underwear. Was Jessica Biel not available? (they are interchangeable Jessicas, afterall)

Save your cash. Rent Parenthood instead. But if you've watched the first two Focker films then I guess you might want to revisit these characters, but please wait for dvd or go on cheap Tuesday,

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