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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead premiered this past Sunday night on AMC. It's the first of its kind. A show about zombies, or rather about humans battling for survival against a zombie apocalypse. It's based on a comic series. And here I thought comics were only about the exploits of Archie and his gang.

Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln, the cutie from Love, Actually), a sheriff's deputy, wakes up in an abandoned hospital, after he was wounded at a shootout. His awakening is reminiscent of the opening of 28 Days Later. He wanders through the hospital, confused, the chaos surrounds him. A dead body, no longer bearing intestines, shocks him, and yet he continues on. He wanders towards a locked room marked "Dead Inside. Do not Open." A pair of pale death-like hands tries to break through. It's all rather creepy and set up nicely. We are in this world, and death is at its door.

Eventually, he makes his way back home to find his wife and son gone. He's then befriended by a father and son, who are hold up in their home. He receives information on what has happened. Not all of it. Just that a virus came and now the dead walk. The basic elements that make up most zombie stories are there. Noise and light attract them, and don't get bit or scratched.

Rick makes his way to Atlanta in search of his family, but unbeknownst to him, Atlanta is a dead zone. The Walking Dead "live" there. It was meant to be a place with military protection, but it was overrun by the dead. Rick's family are alive and live in the country, away from the city, with a group of fellow survivors. But when will Rick find them? It's safe to say that for the first part of the season, they'll be separated and battling their own zombies. But once they reunite will it be a happy reunion? Not so sure.

The premiere episode ends with Rick trapped in the city, but not all hope is lost as a distant voice from a CB radio calls out to him. It's a good hook and definitely makes me want to watch more as I'm a fan of post apocalyptic stories. Finally, a new show that I'm actually excited about. I think post apocalyptic stories intrigue most people because it allows us to think "what would I do?" "How would I behave/react?" "Could I kill?" "How would I survive?"

It airs Sunday nights at 10pm on AMC.