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Thursday, November 25, 2010

TANGLED: Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair, but first what kind of conditioner do you use?

Two movies opened yesterday that I want to see, Love & Other Drugs and Disney's Tangled. You can guess by the title of this post which one prevailed. I was in the mood for an animated princess, the tug of nostalgia was too great, and I wasn't disappointed. It was exactly what I thought it would be. It's sweet and inoffensive. It's not really laugh out loud funny like Pixar movies tend to be. This is much more staying in the Disney tradtion of safe, but cute.

The only major issue with it was that it kind of had this unbalanced use of music. It wasn't a traditional musical like The Little Mermaid or Beauty & The Beast, only a few songs, but really downplayed. It might have been better to not have them sing in character and just have a couple of songs play over the scenes instead. A weird mix. not sure what it wants to be, just animated or a musical animated film.

Mandy Moore is good, and delivers vocally as Rapunzel and she is matched well with Zachary Levi who plays the thief, Flynn Ryder (not his real name, his real name is much less menacing, but cue the word of the day, CUTE!).

Tangled is a modern day take on the fairy tale of Rapunzel. In order to bring boys into the theatre, Disney switched up the trailers making it seem as though the main character would be Flynn Ryder, but don't be fooled. This is Rapunzel's story, and is good enough for both boys and girls. But don't be fooled again, because it is kind of girlie, but in a good way! Rapunzel isn't a damsel in distress in the traditional sense. She's got spunk and dreams and goes for it. Rapunzel was kidnapped as a baby from the King and Queen by Gothel (the villain, who could have been a bit more villainous) who wants Rapunzel's magical hair to keep herself young. So she tells Rapunzel that she is her mother and keeps her locked up in the tower for her own safety and makes the outside world sound horribly barbaric. She plays the guilt card to perfection. But Rapunzel wants to go out and see the Floating lights, which are set free every year on her birthday. She doesn't know that they are floating lanterns set out by her real mother and father in honor of their lost daughter.

Ultimately, Rapunzel finds out the truth and must battle her evil witch of a fake mother, and also save Flynn from certain death. It's not a Disney movie unless someone falls in love with someone! Maybe one day there'll be a leading gal who doesn't need a man to live happily ever after. She will sacrifice her own happiness and freedom if she can save Flynn, but Flynn has other plans. And let's just say that Rapunzel goes from a blonde to a brunette in record time! For a while there I thought this was going to be how great blondes have it, but brunettes do really have it better in the end!

I am also glad that Rapunzel didn't get married as a teenager, a creepy thing that happens a lot in fairy tales. I love Disney's The Little Mermaid, but my biggest issue with that movie is she gets married at 16 years old. Ewwww. With Rapunzel, she's a bit ahead of her time, and through voice over narration we know that Flynn (Or Eugene as she likes to call him) asks her to marry him for many many years until she says yes. Showing that this leading lady has a head on her shoulders that involves more than just hair.

Towards the end I did get a bit teary eyed. When a kidnapped daughter finally comes home to her parents after being missing for 18 years, the reunion is a sweet one with no words spoken. Sigh. Melt this cold spinster's dark, dark heart!

Overall, it's a nice film and I think it's a good addition to the Disney canon.

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