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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1

If you've read the books, and or seen all the movies then Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows is a must see. If you haven't then it might be a tad on the boring side. (if you know nothing of the series then stop reading as there will be some spoilers, but nothing new to fans)

As with the book, the first part of this final installment is racked with a lot of camping, and for those who know me, they know I hate camping. But Wizarding camping, at least, entails magical sized tents that fit beds, but no toilets, so still on my NOT to do list! The film involves a lot of hiding out from Death Eaters, and finding, and figuring out how to destroy a horcrux (an object that a Dark wizard/witch has hidden a fragment of their soul for the purpose of attaining immortality). Something the evil Lord Voldermort has done 6 times over! Ack! Things are definitely going to get darker in Part 2.

And that's what Part 1 is, it's a giant build up to the epic battle between good and evil, and I for one, am revved up for its conclusion (next July 2011). I'm not the type of Harry Potter fan who rereads the books before the movies come out, so they tend to be almost new to me as I forget most of what has happened. People die, and I miss Mad Eye Moody's presence quickly and Dobby's death is a sweet and heartbreaking scene, but this is a war that takes no prisoners and more carnage awaits us.

Most of the film centers around our main three characters (Harry, Ron and Hermione) and the turmoil and teenage angst that they're going through while trying to survive. There is jealousy and quiet moments and looks of longing and fear that really make you feel for their predicament. These actors, who we've watched grow on screen, really showcase their acting chops. As always, I want Hermione's hair and wizarding skills (I also wouldn't mind Emma Watson's bank account) But alas, am too old for such dreams to come true.

I really enjoyed Bill Nighy's small role as Rufus Scrimgeour as he's new to the Potter universe. And as always, Helena Bonham Carter plays Bellatrix Lestrange with such excitement and craziness that she pops off screen. I look forward to returning to Hogwarts as it'll be a bitter sweet experience for all Potter fans out there. An end to a certain kind of era.

Avada Kedavra!


  1. We choose the same picture for our blogs! I thought they did a pretty decent job of making the boring part of that book into an entertaining movie. Like you, I'm excited for the final chapter. I could care less that it's in 3D.

  2. Kal's done a video deconstruct of this over at