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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LESBIAN VAMPIRE KILLERS: Don't let the title fool you

I came across this movie via friends, (Yes! Even this old spinster has friends whom she hangs out with sometimes) and they raved about this movie. The title alone made me think of a bad B movie with porno connotations. Boy! Was I wrong! This film is campy, funny, with high production values, and a whole lot of fun! It might be considered a poor man's "shaun of the dead", but it has its own merits.

The plot is silly, and sort of inconsequential. There's something about a blood line curse, virgins, on their 18th birthday in a particular village who turn into lesbian vampires, a guy who gets dumped by his bitchy girlfriend and hot German tourists, oh and stopping the resurrection of the head lesbian vampire who was killed hundreds of years ago. Like I said, the plot is inconsequential, but still needed to kind of understand to enjoy the silliness of it all. We pretty much follow Fletch and Jimmy as they head out of London (it's a British film so right off the bat, it's been elevated in status, accents have that affect) and head into the country, to get away from it all as Jimmy, has once again been dumped. Anyway, once in the village, they meet some hot german gals in tight clothing and head into a cabin. Then, well, stuff happens, and Jimmy and Fletch have to fight off the vampires. And they do so with comic flair and a foul tongue.

For a film entitled, Lesbian Vampire Killers, I expected more boobs. There wasn't much. Lots of heavy breathing, kissing here and there, but nothing offensive. It just adds to the ridiculousness of it all.

I'm now a fan of the director, Phil Clayton, and screenwriters, Stewart Williams & Paul Hupfield, who share a similar sense of humor with me. I look forward to seeing more of their offerings.

So just in time for Halloween, go out and rent, Lesbian Vampire Killers, you don't have to be gay or straight, or even have a pulse to enjoy it, you just need to know that a vampire killing sword with a handle the shape of a cock is funny!

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