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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pickled Pigs Feet Gelatin Dish...The Beginning of Bitterness Part 2

I don't have a photo of what the actual dish looks like. It's a concoction I ate as a child before I realized what it was made out of it. I just thought it was gray Jell-O. I was wrong. Oh, so very wrong.

It's boiled pickled pigs' feet, garlic and gelatin. I used to eat the jelly parts. I loved the sound of my spoon scooping up the jelly. It sounded like a suction cup. Then one day when I was probably 6 or so, not sure on the age, I found out what was actually in it, and I quit it cold turkey, never to be eaten again. I gotta say that I don't miss it. It wasn't until 20 years later I really understood what even gelatin was made out of. Sigh. Why must ingredients ruin food? Why does knowledge destroy the ignorance? Is ignorance truly bliss?


  1. sigh indeed. i was made to eat my share of pork hocks as a kid (i think it was one joint up the leg from the feet). all i remember is that there was so much fat, you practically had to do an autopsy on it to glean a scrap of meat from the thing. my Dad would be wolfing down the fat on his plate like a starving labrador retriever while i sat and gagged and looked around for a place to flee to. no such luck. i never could stand fatty meat, and i still can't deal with it...
    thankfully, i never had to deal with it in jellied form...
    i sympathize, girl. truly.