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Sunday, August 15, 2010

THE OTHER GUYS leaves reality behind

THE OTHER GUYS, a buddy cop movie starring Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg starts off on such an unrealistic note that it threw me off for the rest of the film. By taking the comedy, at times, to an unrealistic level, it takes the audience (me) out of the story. The older I become the more I realize and want, comedy to come out of situations and not one liners. I want comedy to be organic to the story and the plot. If you asked me what the plot of this film was I'd have no idea. That being said, I did enjoy the film here and there. I probably would have enjoyed it more if the tone wasn't all over the map.

The charm of the film comes from its two leads who have wonderful chemistry. The best being while inside Ferrell's prius car. But is that enough? Last week I had a similar experience with Dinner for Schmucks, where the plot was weak, but the chemistry between its two male leads was its saving grace. But I can't help feeling a bit cheated because of that. Perhaps, these films are falling into the pattern of casting as the focus and throwing story and character development out of the window because as long as they have names attached they'll get bums in the seat.

If the film had been left to simmer in a realistic setting such as, say, Beverly Hills Cop, I think it could have become a comedy classic. But by making so many of the elements so over the top and unbelievable, it hurts the film. It feels like a cheap gimmick. The film also feels like many writers had their hand in the rewrite process despite it having only two credited writers on it, one who is also the director (Adam McKay and Chris Henchy).

Overall, it's a fairly fun time at the movies, but it could just as well be a fun time at home when it is available to rent.

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