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Monday, July 12, 2010

Predators: Friend or Foe or just really ugly Aliens?

I vaguely remember the first Predator movie, and I forgot to rewatch it before heading out to see yet another sequel of sorts. And because of that my mind was blank and ready for whatever was to come.

Predators is a fun film, if expectations are low going in. Nothing new is really discovered. It's about surviving a strange and hostile new world. Some do, and some don't. And ultimately, some humans are more monstrous than the supposed alien monsters.

Adrien Brody leads a group of humans who are some way or another a predator on earth, either as a solider or a criminal or perhaps, even a serial killer. They land on this planet without any clue as to why or how or where they really are, or who anyone else is. They slowly start to put things together, but it's all conjecture. Where is this planet that has many other planets orbiting in the sky, as if almost touching the planet they're on? We don't know where they are in the universe, or how the alien predators scooped in and took them from earth. But ultimately that doesn't really matter in this film. If you ask too many logical questions then things will soon fall apart from a plot perspective. I suggest just going in, leaving your brain at the door and just have fun with the silliness of it. It's about predators who become the prey and learning how to evolve into a better predator against the ultimate predator. Does it sound confusing? Because it's not.

There is tension and action and blood enough for everyone without it being too over the top. A small role by a very famous actor who channels the crazies is a treat and changes the course of action. Predators is a popcorn summer movie that does its job in the moment, but isn't something that lingers for too long afterwards. I would have liked a bit more campiness to it and even more action. The alien predators themselves, when we get an up close look at them, are quite ugly and look realistic. I was impressed with the makeup and the old fashioned cinematic quality to these aliens. They looked scary and menacing and something you most definitely do not want to come across in the jungle or your own backyard.

With all that 3D out there in cinemas today, it's nice to see a film that channels an old school kind of action film. Is it genius? No. Is it a must see? Nope. If you're bored and want a night out with a watered down fountain soda pop then I think Predators might be for you. I give it 2.8 out of 4 stars, if that's even a rating.

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  1. I felt similar about it. Much better than it needed to be.