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Welcome to the loneliest blog on the web. I have no words of wisdom to espouse. (why does espouse sound so much like spouse? Is that word trying to rub it into my spinster brain?) Anyway, I don't own a cat. Never will. I don't cook, nor do I sew or knit, but I do spin a yarn (tale) from time to time. I have no domestic talents, I am not a domestic engineer/goddess, nor do I want to be. I'll sometimes post my views on scripts, (mine & yours or theirs) movies, television shows and maybe theatre, along with my own musings usually in the style of a poem. So pull up a rocking chair, sit back as your cherry pie bakes and stay a while if you like.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I swear sometimes on this blog. It's me just ranting and giving an "opinion". If you have an issue with the word FUCK then I suggest you read elsewhere.


  1. omg- just seeing "opinion" reminded me of the time Des, Raph, Cat, and I had about a 3 hour discussion where we parsed the difference between "complaining" and "giving an opinion". it was inspired by you, of course! i think it was about something you'd said at a bash one time... hilarious... Cat's Dad was with us when we were having this discussion and after about an hour of it, he just stood up and said "you people are crazy!" and left to go find something to read.... heh...

  2. Love it. Apologize to no one. Except your accountant.