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Thursday, June 3, 2010

ON DVD: ALICE IN WONDERLAND or Kinda Tweedledum-Blah in Underland

Rented Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland finally. I had every intention of seeing it in the theatres, but never got around to it. I rarely rent films. I either see them right away or grab them by chance at the library. But I really wanted to see this since I enjoy Burton's films for the most part.

I'm blah about it and have no real love or distain for it. It was just sort of boring. The story is a bit of a retelling in that Alice returns to Wonderland (Underland is what it really is called in the film) 10 years later, but doesn't remember it and is convinced for the most part that it's all a dream. Her goal is to kill the Jabberwocky, something she has no interest in, until she discovers the impossible truths within herself. There was just something missing within the film. Perhaps, it lacked heart and relied too heavily on visuals. It did indeed look good, the costumes were intricately designed and quite stunning at times, but is that enough? I liked Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter who is indeed mad! I enjoyed Helena Bonham Carter's take on the Red Queen. Her blown up balloon-like head and tiny lisp made me smile. I didn't like what Anne Hathaway did with the White Queen. The flittering of the wrists was distracting and an odd actor choice in my opinion. Then again, it is a Burton film, and his choices tend to lean towards the odd. (I don't even care enough to mention the girl who plays Alice. Underwhelming in Underland she was)

Overall, the film doesn't really say anything new about this adventure, other than maybe, Alice needs to make her own choices about her own life and stand up for herself. A sort of female empowerment statement, I suppose. I'm just unsure as to how this film made over 1 Billion dollars at the box office, and then I remember it was also released in 3D, which steals more money out of our pockets. I don't think this film required scenes to be retweaked into 3D.

Rent it or don't. It won't change your life either way. But if you do then I suggest you watch it whilst sipping tea nibbling on scones and wearing a Top Hat with peacock feathers. It might make the experience better.


  1. It's on my zip list. I'm in no rush, but same as you, wanted to see what was done with it.

  2. I forgot to actually review it as a DVD. haha. Not much too report. Nothing too exciting in that department either. It looks like a lot of green screen was used.