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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My SENTIMENTS on the film DEFENDOR (now out on DVD)

DEFENDOR is a Canadian superhero flick that pretty much nobody saw, which is a typical thing for Canadian films. And that's a shame because this is a wonderful film. Well written and performed and overall, well executed. It doesn't look "canadian" and what do I mean by that? Well, if you've seen a lot of "canadian" films you know what I mean. If you haven't then let's just say, it's not shot in the winter. It looks good, doesn't look cheap. Well-shot. The look of the film, although sometimes too dark, is ideal for the actual story.

DEFENDOR (and not to be mistaken for DefendER which the lead character wants you to know) takes place in Hamilton Ontario, but it's only ever referred to as "The Hammer" a slang term for the steel town that I didn't know existed. So it has more of a gritty North American feel to it. Woody Harrelson plays the lead, a man who suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome and who believes he's a superhero and not in the HAHA kind of way. He uses home made gadgets to catch the bad guys (swarm of wasps anyone?) in a very realistic way. He puts himself in real danger as the movie progresses. He faces off against corrupt cops and drug dealers and in the process develops a very realistic friendship with a young prostitute played by Kat Dennings, who just shines in her role. She is definitely one to watch. And a big shout out to Elias Koteas who plays a villain like no other actor.

I won't go into plot details because I think you should get off your ass and rent this film for yourself.

I liked the dark sense of humor about the film. It's not about laughing at the character. The humor comes out of the situations.

It's heartwarming, funny, charming, dark, and entertaining.

The film is written and directed by Peter Stebbings (who this Spinster thinks is quite an attractive man) Fuck! If I baked, I'd bake Peter an apple strudel with cinnamon frosting.

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