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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I saw it opening night because it has my favourite person in it...TINA FEY. I worship the ground she walks on. She is by far this spinster's biggest girl crush ever! Anyway, I was geared up and ready to laugh and I did!

I am not a movie elitist or snob. In my old age, I have become more cynical and discerning but that's all. (bitter and crusty are just what others call me, and I don't give a rat's ass about those people anyway) The movie was fun, and harmless and it works due to the charm of its leads. They have wonderful chemistry and need to become the newest comedy duo on the big screen (or small screen or i-phone screen).

The premise isn't that original. Been there. Done that before. But that's not really a big deal. The laughs come from Fey and Carell as they deliver their lines with ease and believability, along with some great physical comedy. I venture to guess there was some ad-libbing going on. I laughed out loud quite a bit. I am a sucker for people who walk into glass doors/windows. I ALWAYS, ALWAYS find that funny. This movie is not rocket science, but it's a fun night out (alone or with a date.) And a big FYOU to all those people who see DATE NIGHT whilst on a date. Us spinsters don't do shit like that.

But I would say that if you miss it in during its theatrical run, you're not missing out on an event film, and it's quite a good renter.

Film is written by Josh Klausner.

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