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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Being Kind to the Planet while being a Writer...EARTH DAY

Today is Earth Day. What have you done lately to help save/protect/love the planet? As a writer, what are things that we can do to bring less garbage into the environment? One of the biggest things is to USE both sides of the paper when printing scripts, and using recycled paper. Scrap paper can be turned into cards for BEAT SHEETS as well. Also, try checking out a local used book store for second hand copies of your favourite books.

I know the Kindle and I-pad are a new way for reading scripts/books, getting information which is great. And although it doesn't use paper products, the amount of energy and waste used to create the electronic devices are just as comparable, if not more so.

Book Swapping with friends is a way to help the environment(and it's less messy than Wife Swapping).

Oh, and there's also TREE HUMPING which shows how much you love the earth (Wait. It's hugging, isn't it? Damn! Just ignore that)


  1. meh, humping is just hugging with enthusiasm...

  2. see, now that comment leads me to believe you've been doing something wrong, girl ; )